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  • Talent concept

    Zhangjiagang Gangwei ultrasonic Electronics Co., Ltd. is a highly professional and innovative new high-tech enterprises, R & D, design, production, sales and service dedicated to ultrasonic products (installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance). The company mainly produces all kinds of ultrasonic cleaning machine, but also the design and manufacture of related cleaning equipment.

    Employing idea: 

    Companies focus on "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, advance with the times, create brilliant", and always promote cooperation and exchanges, the spirit of teamwork. In order to achieve the common development of enterprises and employees, the company constantly optimize the allocation of human resources. In order to cooperate with the development of the company, for the company to train all kinds of talents, Hong Wei company constantly carry out the company's training system, making the internal staff through a variety of training, improve their quality.

    Since the company was founded in 1996, has been adhering to the "quality, service, efficiency win customer satisfaction, the core values of honesty, cooperation, win-win for company development" concept and the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation and keeping pace with the times, create brilliant" business philosophy, always embodies the high-quality staff. Companies rely on "Hong Wei" accumulated over the years, the advantages of resources, with the ISO90001:2000 quality management system, as well as the ISO14001:2004 environment system, to ensure the quality and efficiency to meet customer demand.




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